Asia Style Survey


2016. 1. 29 ~ 2016. 3. 3


  • Select the Asia’s style trend that influenced you!
  • 1 vote a day, come again tomorrow!

Final Results

  • Will be announced on SIA’s official accounts and on air
Trend Survey

Trend & Icon

Please select 2 trend keywords for each questions and 11 ICONS.

01What will be the fashion keyword of 2016?
02What will be the hottest body-related keyword of 2016?
03What will be THE lifestyle keyword of 2016?
04What is the item you won’t be able to survive without in 2016?
05What is the most trending beauty keyword of 2016?
06Which hairstyle will dominate the 2016's trend?
Icons Survey

07Who are the 10 ICONS that influenced your style?

08Who is the 1 ICON that set the trends of Asia?



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